Birthday Wishes And Messages For Wife – Happy Birthday Love

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Birthday Wishes And Messages For Wife

You are my love, you are the world,
You smile on my face,
May these doors always be strong,
You are the basis of life.
Happy birthday dear…

This day is also special, You are also special,
This prayer is from God, You never remain sad.

Since you came in life, all my troubles have gone away,
Seeing your smiling face, every wish was accepted.
Happy birthday dear…

What pray for you,
Everything opened my heart,
You are not far away from me,
You got something precious to me.
Happy birthday darling…

Every day is special to me,
I dedicate everything to you,
Be happy you always in life,
I just request this all the time.

Stop this day today
Let’s make it special,
Pray with me for my partner,
Let’s celebrate his birthday together.

Don’t ask how much I love you
How much is your wait and love
If you want to see, then look down into your heart,
You will know how much my world is without you.
Happy birthday…

Your face is like a free hit,
Whenever it comes up,
The heart crosses the boundary.
Happy birthday dear…

You get all the happiness in the world,
There is no way to deal with problems,
Whichever way you go,
That should be the path to success.

Even if I give my life for this life, it is less,
Ever since you came, there is no sorrow,
He never lets me walk alone,
I am with my every step.
Happy birthday dear…

This life is complete with you,
If you are not there, it looks incomplete
Distance is not acceptable even for a moment,
You feel important every moment for breath.
Happy birthday darling…

Neither the desire for wealth,
Neither thirsty for fame,
Stay mine in every birth,
This is just hope from that God.

I am yours, mine every day, yours
Happy birthday to you…

Neither shall we separate,
Love will not be different from us,
I present myself to you as a gift,
Happy birthday to you…

Our life is smiling like this,
Let’s make it greater,
With the sweetness of belonging on your birthday,
Let’s make your hundred year old cake…

Today is your happy birthday,
What should I bring the gift to you?
Thinking that I should give my heart again today
Happy birthday dear…

The day is happy and there is a smile on your face,
You are cutting a cake, with a demand for a gift,
Here my pocket is being cut, I care about that only.

Happy Birthday Wishes Quotes For Wife

Happy Birthday Quotes For Wife

The moon is stained; the sun is on fire,
You are with me, this is my fate.
Happy birthday dear…

People celebrate birthdays once a year,
But you are so special to me that,
We celebrate this special day of yours every month.

Promised you for seven lives,
I will not break it even till death
No matter how bad the circumstances,
But, I will never leave you.
Happy birthday darling…

My wife is a wicket keeper
Stings everything for me,
Whenever I stray from the goal,
He fast holding me,
The boundary prevents it from crossing.
Happy birthday dear…

I have met you with a lot of luck
Be one of the millions for me
You have filled my life with sweetness,
Looks like strawberry cake to me.

Happy today, Happy tomorrow,
Happy every moment of your life,
wish you a very happy birthday,
Wish you a moment of it.

You are special to me
Today is a special day for you.
Happy birthday dear…

My life has blossomed with you,
It seems that every happiness of the world has been found.
Never bring sadness on your face,
I got life with your smile.
Happy birthday darling…

Keep on shining like stars,
Never a problem in life,
Long life in the world,
Because you are my whole story…

Hey happy day this day,
You always laugh like this,
Of course, sunshine came to life,
Stay with me just like that.

As long as there are stars in the sky,
Promise we both support each other,
Will distribute each other’s gum together,
Of course, no matter how difficult our edges are.
Happy birthday…

I can’t say how much I love you,
Cannot live for a single moment without you,
You remain the unbreakable part of my life,
I cannot bear even a moment from you.
Happy birthday dear…

On your birthday, you have asked for two prayers,
One is that you keep laughing forever,
The second wish is to not ask for a gift from now on.

I give you a unique gift on this birthday,
give my whole world in your footsteps,
I will always be yours
I want you again…

Today is your birthday,
I will discuss it everywhere,
Use the flower this time,
I will spend the party next year.

May I tell you one thing,
You are not my wife, my life,
My day, my night, all of you,
You are proud of my whole life.
Happy birthday…

I don’t care about this world,
If you stay with me,
I will forget every sorrow,
When you laugh I will say something.
Happy birthday darling…

Birthday Wishes Quotes For Girlfriend

Birthday Wishes Quotes For Girlfriend

O moon, give you full light,
You sparkle a lot, O stars
Today is my wife’s birthday,
Come together and make it memorable.

Today that clock has come,
Which I have been waiting for all year,
Happy birthday darling
When I was desperate for this day…

You have a wonderful glow in your laughter,
Your face shines like a gold,
In my life shining diamonds,
Happy birthday to you…

How easy life has become
Since you came with me,
Troubles have made distance from me,
Ever since you have come to me.
Happy birthday…

I am very confused, what should I bring,
What is there in my heart, how do I show this,
Sad i don’t miss your face
Tell me with a laugh, what should I bring?
Happy birthday dear…

Your laughter is also paradise,
Your displeasure is also paradise,
Many happy birthdays,
This is what I have prayed to God.

For you, I will bring happiness to the whole world,
Will fill your life with happiness,
I will fight every trouble in your life,
I will sacrifice my life for you too.
Happy birthday dear…

Make cakes with your own hands,
Will sing songs for you in happiness,
To maintain the moonlight on your face,
Today we will celebrate your birthday together.

No one is complaining to you,
I will not even cry with you,
Keep smiling, in all circumstances you
Wish you a happy birthday.

Come out, come stars too
The stars also came with the moon,
I pray that I pray to God,
Happiness of the world,
Came on your birthday…

I’m lucky to have you with me
You have filled my bag with happiness,
I would not like you to ever be sad,
I will fulfill your desire every time,
So, that this birthday is special to you.

I will bring all the happiness to you,
I will decorate your world with flowers,
Nothing is more for me than your happiness,
Today is your birthday, I will celebrate it with pomp.

People ask me what gift you have given me,
I tell them, I have not given any goods nor will I give moon stars,
My everything is yours, so what good will I do,
I think I should dedicate myself in your steps.

I think I should spend my whole life in your name,
Make your name your morning and evening.
If someone asks how much love you have,
I publicly declare my love.

I will support you in every birth,
stand in your happiness and sorrow,
Give you my hand to walk with,
If you will ever fall alone,
I will come and hold you immediately.

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