Best Birthday Wishes And Messages For Father – Happy Birthday Papa

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Best Birthday Wishes For Father

This day comes again and again,
Singing this heart again and again,
My father has lived for thousands of years, my father,
Happy birthday to you dad
Wish you a very happy birthday…

Taught you to walk with your finger,
Forgetting your sleep, put yourself to sleep in peace,
Hiding my tears, made me laugh,
God bless you, do not give me any grief
happy birthday papa…

You are also in the crowd of the world, you are also close to me,
Life goes on by your prayers,
Because God is also you, you are destiny as well…

Papa, stay the same as you always are.
You are my superhero and today
This is the biggest day of my life.
Because today is the birthday of my hero, my father.
Happy Birthday papa…

The laughter of my lips is due to my father’s change.
Happiness in my eyes is due to my father’s change.
Father is not less than God!
Because the joy of my life is due to my father’s change.
Happy Birthday Papa…

Endured like the earth and raised the sky,
Pity for life, God has made a picture of him,
Every suffering they bear on the children themselves! !
We call that living statue of God, Father! !
Happy Birthday Papa…

For my little happiness,
Father, you bear everything
Fulfill my every wish,
You do not have any good
Wish you a happy birthday…

My honor, my fame, my status,
And I believe my father,
My pride is my father who gives me courage.
Happy birthday to you father…

It is a comfortable shade in the burning sun,
In fairs, there is a foot on the shoulder,
Every happiness in life is attained by him,
The father is never the opposite…

Be my world, my world,
For me you are the greatest,
If my mother is my land,
So Papa, you are my whole sky…

Birthday Wish Messages For Father

Birthday Wish Messages For Father

Papa, should I name you one day
Tell me, once you make your life in your name,
You have given life to these mothers-in-law,
My identity has been made by you only…

Meaninglessly in this world, He is our pride,
‘Father’ is the first identity of a person’s existence…

You always kept laughing among millions,
May you continue to blossom among millions.
May you always be bright among thousands,
As the sun always stays in the middle of the sky…

I only laugh in my happiness,
But after seeing my smile,
Somebody was forgetting his sorrow
He is my father…Happy birthday papa…

Very careless, careless, go on without fear. .
When, the children walk with the finger of the father.
Happy birthday papa…

The presence of the father is like the sun.
The sun is hot but if it is not there is darkness.
Happy birthday papa…

The one who is closest to the crowd of the world
My father, my God, my fortune is that.
Happy birthday papa…

Bent over shoulders, rotated on shoulders,
Only because of my father. My life became beautiful.
Happy birthday papa…

The pockets are empty, yet they do not refuse.
I have never seen a rich man with a father.
Happy birthday papa…

I have no God in the world more than my parents
I am able to pay their debt so that I am not rich.
Happy birthday papa…

Happy Birthday Quotes For Father

Happy Birthday Quotes For Father

Sitting on my shoulders and swinging on my shoulders,
my life became successful only because of Papa.
Happy birthday papa…

The laughter in my face is the change of my father,
the dream in my eyes is the change of my father, and the father is no less.
than any God because the happiness of my life is the change of the father.
Happy birthday papa…

Our success, our fame, our status and our values ​​are our father;
our pride is our pride, our father.
Happy birthday dad…

There is just one request from my Lord,
my father is happy all my life, I wish so much.
Happy birthday papa…

In a senseless world, it is my pride;
the father is the first identity of my success.
Happy birthday papa…

Father is the one who holds you before you fall,
But instead of lifting you up, you shave your clothes,
And asks you to try again.
Happy Birthday Papa❤

My dreams were there, but some other way to fulfill them
Was being shown and they were my father
Love you papa ❤… Happy Birthday Papa❤

Father, do not forget me,
Mistakes are mine, don’t take them to heart
I forget about my fool,
Always hug your daughter.
Always be happy Papa.
❤Happy Birthday Papa❤

Papa, should I name you one day
Tell me once, give your life to your name
You have given life to these mothers-in-law
My identity has been made by you only…
Happy Birthday Papa ❤

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