Birthday Wishes And Messages For Daughter – Happy Birthday Baby Girl

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Birthday Wishes For Daughter

The day you were born
My life is blessed,
Having you as a daughter,
Smelling my courtyard
Happy birthday my baby girl…

A daughter like you is lucky to meet you,
Whoever gets the world is blooming.
Happy birthday daughter…

God bless you,
Good health and good luck,
Every happiness you get,
Suffering never comes near.
Happy birthday to daughter…

On her daughter’s most special day,
We want to say Happy Birthday to him,
Want to make this promise to him,
Will love you the most.
Happy birthday daughter…

You stepped into our lives,
Greeted the house and courtyard with happiness,
Childhood tricks with buzzing flowers,
May your daughter always be happy.
Happy birthday to daughter…

Daughter you always smile like this,
Twitter like the birds of the sky,
May your wish be fulfilled on this special day,
God bless you, you get happiness without asking.
Happy birthday to daughter…

Your path is easy,
There are thousands of happiness on every path,
You are beautiful every day.
This is how your whole life is.
Happy birthday daughter…

May every wish of yours be fulfilled on this birthday,
What you have not got till date, you can also get.

This is our blessing on this auspicious occasion
May your smile always remain on your face.
Happy birthday to daughter…

What should I send you a gift on your birthday
Send gold-silver or diamond-jewels
Nothing more precious in this world than you,
May I send my most precious prayers.
Happy birthday daughter…

On this auspicious occasion of today, our daughter
We wish you a happy and unhappy birthday.

This is the only prayer from God,
This is what you want to be happy always.

Birthday Wishes Messages For Baby Girl

Birthday Wishes And Messages For Daughter - Happy Birthday Baby Girl

May all your dreams come true,
daughter may you always smile
Dream should never be incomplete for you.
Happy birthday to daughter…

God bless you so much in life,
You can also get what we could not get.
Happy birthday daughter…

Your glowing moon and stars,
May your name be swept all over the earth
We were reduced to a small world,
May God bless you wherever you are.
Happy birthday to daughter…

Moonlight has told,
The bird has chanted,
Flowers have also told in a lovely voice
Happy birthday, your birthday has come.

Do not know how many moments have been waiting for you,
You have come as a daughter,
so all is done where we are.
Happy birthday to daughter…

May your birthday be memorable
Let success be the new example,
Happiness so much on every birthday,
There is no talk of sorrow or never come close.
Happy birthday daughter…

You live thousands of years,
There should be a thousand days of the year
All the happiness in the world
Your age is ten thousand years.
Happy birthday daughter…

You are my gardener’s bud,
You are in my courtyard,
The fragrance of flowers blossomed like,
Life is my time since you met
Happy birthday…

May every one of your dreams be fulfilled,
Your influence should be in the whole world.
Happy birthday…

Never let any happiness stay away from you,
May God bless you forever.
Birthday wishes…

You are my sweetest daughter,
Your smile is our strength,
Your happiness is in our happiness only.

You stay happy and smile like this
May you always be happy.
Happy birthday daughter…

Birthday Wishes Quotes For Daughter

Birthday Wishes And Messages For Daughter - Happy Birthday Baby Girl

What gift should I give you on this special day, you are a diamond yourself,
I pray to God that you will always be beautiful.
Happy birthday daughter…

God give you all the happiness of life,
Achieve all the milestones in life,
Whatever dreams you have seen,
May every wish come true.
Happy birthday daughter…

Son, make a lot of name in the world,
Become great by doing good deeds,
Even singing the anthem of God,
You have to become a scholar by reading and writing.
Happy birthday to daughter…

Smile forever on the lips,
All the happiness, humming world,
Steps of happiness, sing all the praises,
May my laddo get the whole world
Happy birthday to daughter…

God save you from evil eyes
Decorate your world with the moon stars,
Many wishes to the daughter on her birthday…

Your cuteness brings a smile to everyone’s face,
You are always smiling, you are mine.
Birthday wishes…

Your sweet laughter is our home,
Always be happy, your name should be in the whole world.
Happy birthday daughter…

You have become a new hope in our life,
You smell life’s happiness,
Always move forward like this, this is our blessing,
This is our best wishes on daughter’s birthday.

You came back like my childhood,
Your mother also got her childhood,
You are the shadow of your mother,
Having found you, as I have found new life.
Happy birthday daughter…

On the daughter’s birthday,
Mother’s blessings,
All the happiness found,
Every sadness becomes wind.

May life be decorated with happiness,
Smile be yours forever.
Happy birthday daughter…

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